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Notice regarding business transfer of
Shiroishi Kosugo Wind Project

12 July 2022

 As Macquarie’s Green Investment Group's Japanese onshore wind energy development platform, AR Wind Energy KK is committed to supplying safe, secure and reliable low-carbon energy to local communities, stakeholders and companies.

AR Wind Energy KK has signed an agreement to transfer all its share in GK Shiroishi Kosugou Wind Project to Tohoku Electic Power Co., Inc. on 28 June 2022.


●Business Transfer Overview

 AR Wind Energy KK has led the development of the GK Shiroishi Kosugou Wind project based on the joint development agreement with Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc., which was announced on 21 May 2020.

・Business Summary

 - Transferred Company Name: GK Shiroishi Kosugou Wind

 - Output Scale: Max. 38,400kW

 - Number of wind Turbines: 10 (target number)

 - Output of 1 wind turbine: 4,200kW

 - EIA status: 3rd EIA Process Completed


●Future Plans

 After completion of the business transfer, Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. will be the main business entity which will promote the GK Shiroishi Kosugou Wind project. Meanwhile,  AR Wind Energy KK will continue to provide handover support to the business until 25 August 2022.

 Thank you for your continued cooperation in this project.



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