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Notice Regarding Business Transfer of
Nanao Shika Wind Project

31 August 2022

 AR Wind Energy KK, Macquarie’s Green Investment Group’s Japanese onshore wind development platform, is committed to supplying safe, secure, and reliable low-carbon energy to  local communities, stakeholders and  companies.

 We would like to inform that we have transferred all of the equity of "Nanao Shika Wind Farm G.K.", a company that operates the following onshore wind power generation business, to Mitsubishi Corporation Energy Solutions Ltd. (Currently Mitsubishi Corporation Clean Energy Ltd. due to the company's business and organizational restructuring).


●Business Transfer Overview

 - Transferred business company name: Nanao Shika Wind Farm G.K.

 - Registration transfer date: February 25, 2022

 - Output scale: Max 50,400kW

 - Number of Wind Turbines: Up to 12

 - Single wind turbine output: 4,200 kW

 - Status of environmental impact assessment procedures: Completion of EIA 2nd Stage

●Future Plans

 From now onwards, Mitsubishi Corporation Clean Energy Ltd. will be the main business entity. Thank you  for your continued cooperation in this project.



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